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Recent press coverage of an Arabian horse bred to have an extremely dished face.

This is an American horse but in the UK we promote the Arabian horse for all disciplines including endurance, racing, ridden showing, dressage and show jumping and as a family horse. 

The Arab horse society will continue to promote the breeding of the Arabian horse in its NATURAL form as the versatile animal that it is and will promote its welfare and the education of owners, breeders and enthusiasts.

One of the most distinctive features of the Arabian is its head, which is very refined with the bone structure clearly defined.  Neat ears, a large round eye, deep jowls with room for a human fist to be inserted underneath, large nostrils which appear parallel to the face when the horse is at rest but have great elasticity are all distinguishing features of Arabian type.  The head is  wedge shaped, wide between the eyes and with a small muzzle. The profile may be straight or with a dish below the eyes which is desirable but not essential.  The Arabian's great stamina is aided by its ability to draw air quickly and easily without restriction.


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